Don’t be afraid to show it

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?” 

This quote from Marianne Williamson‘s A Return to Love, though it is also attributed to Nelson Mandela (and is not complete), is my mantra when it comes to sports. It hangs on the wall of the living room and when I feel insecure, I repeat it to myself.  It helps me to let go of tension and realize that every time again, I can play my very best, not holding back or worrying about how I come across to others.

That’s exactly what this is about. Related to sports, mediocrity is common in the Netherlands. If you try to stand out individually, or even as a team, you are shot down (though luckily this is slowly changing). Some people choose to do less than they are capable off, to prevent people from shooting them down. They are not afraid of not making it internationally, no, they are afraid to show what they can do.

Don’t hold yourself back. You are capable of so much more than you show and even than you think. If you put your mind to it, the sky is the limit. So don’t be afraid to show it!


Find your greatness

The Olympic Games end tonight with the closing ceremony. We’ve seen so many great things, unimaginable for the most of us. Only the absolute best athletes in specific Olympic sports can perform at this highest stage in the world, once every four years. And only the best 5% or so can amaze and win medals. The Paralympics are perhaps more impressive, athletes that are not able-bodied, performing at the highest level possible. Of course they are influenced by their handicap, but they have refused to let it stop them from pursuing their dreams.

I play sports myself and try to go as far as I can. It’s not my ultimate goal however, and not where I think my talent lies. I know from myself that I am always happy and that I can bring a smile to people’s faces, as I’ve noticed during my work on campings, in a store and now in a nursery home. My intention is to inspire people to start moving, to find a sport that suits them. All people are good at something, have bodies or attitudes fit for specific sports. They just don’t know it yet. Perhaps they have bad experiences with sport and decided they’d rather do nothing. Such a shame! There is a sport for everybody!

Perhaps you didn’t like the more established sports of for example basketball or tennis. Then go try out something else, such as cycling, fencing, or archery. Maybe you’ll find you enjoy it and are somehow good at it. And mostly we enjoy things we are good at. You don’t have any money, there are no facilities, but you want to try something anyway? Most cities have a way of financially supporting people wanting to play sport, at least in the Netherlands. Or try running, you don’t need any club for that, just your two feet. Go for a swim and try to cover the same distance in less and less time. You have a disability? Plenty of opportunities for you as well, just look at the Paralympic Games. And remember, what you see there and during the Olympics is only the tip of the iceberg where sport types are concerned and even more where athletes are concerned.

Not many people can make it to the top, but we can be great in our own way. We can find a sport and get better and better, improving and enjoying ourselves. The last woman finishing a marathon, sweating like crazy, a red face, a hand at her waist because it hurts so much but going on anyway, how is that anything less than the man completing the marathon first? We don’t have the same body or background. We are not fit for exactly the same, which is why people specialize in mostly one sport. But in that sport we should try our very best to come as far as possible, to persevere. We can all deliver our own great performances, if we just dare to try.

So.. I dare you

The best Olmypics ever

It’s so great Oscar got to participate! It took so much debating, literally about the advantage of the artificial legs (as if it’s a benefit not to have lower legs). Great inspiration, this photo especially, so thanks for sharing it!

The Poetry of the Earth

The best Olmypics ever

“Maybe my favorite of all the recent photos of Olympians. He’s Oscar Pistorius of South Africa. She’s Ellie, she’s 5, and she got to race him. She won all four times. Oscar = Cool.” – Brant Hansen

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