Re-inventing yourself and your craft

Every now and again, it’s important to stand still and take a look at how you are doing. Yes, really. Not only health-wise, but much, much broader and deeper. Starting with ‘do you still like the way you look’ and ending… I don’t know where yet, but I’ve arrived at ‘what would you like your spiritual practice to look like’. Along the way, I am effectively re-inventing myself and the way I work. Because I take my time for it, I’m convinced it will work better, making me happier as a result! Who wouldn’t want that? In the meantime, though, you might have noticed the blog being somewhat silent. With taking a look at yourself, you also uncover things you are not happy about at all (like my current job-status…). In my case, I didn’t feel like writing during this period. However, most of it is now over and back on track, so I’ll start posting again!

I’d like to give you three examples of what I did and how it helped me. You might also want to try out some these options 🙂

Shopping for clothes can take me forever, because I don’t know what suits me, and I have often bought clothes that either didn’t really fit or that eventually didn’t really suit me. Since that is quite important, both for my feelings of self-esteem and for my job interviews, I decided to change this! I took an online colour-analysis to discover what colour clothes I would probably look best in. Turns out that with my blond hair, light blue eyes and skin that easily gets sunburned, I am a light summer type, so I look best in soft pastels (yes, I tried it and it’s actually true). Anything but hard, clear colours, actually. I also looked at my body type, which is athletic with quite broad shoulders. I might be able to tone this down by wearing drapey clothes or soft-shouldered clothes. Since my wardrobe needed some new additions for autumn and winter, I went shopping and put this new knowledge into practice. I got a bordeaux tunic that I love, and a blue-ish sweater that hugs my body and shows of my waist. I also decided to get a few good, fitting bras. Turns out I’ve been wearing the wrong size for ages (though this is what the tests used to say). So I am perfectly happy now with how I clothe myself and I love seeing myself in the mirror in these new outfits!

My days were jumbled, with email overflowing, no clear structure to my days, notes in notebooks all around the house. I am now working on a routine so I can get this all in check. Recently, I rediscovered Evernote, a note-taking app that stores your notes in the cloud and lets you access them from all kinds of devices. I am using it now to try and go paperless, clearing the mess from notes all over the house. The papers I do still need are filed in organizers that I can easily find, so I don’t have to go searching for one particular note anymore. I either pick up the right organizer or use Evernote’s search functions. I am trying to create a daily planning in Evernote as well, not exactly like Getting Things Done, but something similar that I think will work for me. Each day, I want to produce several notes: one dealing with how I slept, for how long, whether I had any dreams and how I feel when I wake up, another with all my meetings, to do’s and planned time for self-improvement, and a third with stuff I want to remember or track over time (number of steps I walked each day, what I ate, what fitness things I did, what I really enjoyed today etc.). I will keep a paper diary as well, but Evernote will provide me with prompts, so I know something to fill my diary with. And I can always take a picture of the diary pages and put that into Evernote. This will also include some blogging prompts 🙂

Spirituality is somewhat important to me. As a witch, I want to celebrate nature, honour the Gods and Goddesses and get to know (and improve) myself to enhance my spiritual practice. But in reality, I barely have a spiritual practice. I very much like my altar, but I have it in a room that we barely use, surrounded by clutter and it is not directly visible from the hallway because there is a desk chair in front of it, which actually annoys me most. This again makes that I do not go and sit at my altar and meditate, do spells or rituals or that I am reminded of my path. And I dislike that feeling. With Evernote, I am challenging myself to enhance my spiritual practice and make it how I would like it. This means I want to meditate every week, speak out gratitude daily, craft something (and cook something special) every sabbat and esbat and observe nature daily. And, most importantly, I want to learn more and create my own knowledge base. 

By doing these three things and more, I am getting back on track. It takes some hard work, but it’s good to re-invent yourself every now and again. And as you meditate and get to ‘know thyself’, you might realize you are at the crossroads again, with the possibility to stray from the path and change yourself.


Early morning or late night?

Early morning, sitting crouched in a corner of the couch reading a book or listening to a soft tv. I’ve put the newspaper on the dining table and skipped through the stories and, most importantly, the comics. After sitting downstairs quietly for an hour, my dad comes down for a morning coffee and the morning paper. We’re both silent. He puts on his coat and unlocks the door. “Will you watch the house till mommy wakes up?”, he asks. I nod. I always nod. When he waves goodbye I stick my nose to the glass and wave back to watch him leave. I return to my corner, quietly, waiting for mommy to come down in another half hour.

I must have been about five years old, cause this is one of my earliest memories. Clearly I loved the quiet time of early morning, watching the sunrise and waiting for the world to wake up. Even when I was older and attended secondary school, I got up earlier so I could see everyone coming into the school, see the school starting to buzz with activity (I was there at least half an hour before classes started).

Lately, I’m having trouble getting up early because my husband and I tend to stay up late. Am I now a night person? No. I don’t feel as invigorated by sunset as I feel by sunrise, and I don’t stay up because I’m not sleepy. Why do I do it? To get things done, perhaps. Usually, growing up, I’d wake earlier to get things done, but I enjoy the together time of early morning, cuddling in bed, as well, and just now I want to keep that.

Not everybody functions like this. Some people get their best work done after 11 pm. They feel alive at night and seem to be absent minded all morning until they’ve had their morning coffee… Or even then they remain sluggish. But it certainly has it’s advantages.

I’m a morning person, without a doubt. Which one are you?

Your personal correspondences for spell-work

On YouTube I recently started to watch the videos of CharmingPixieFlora, mainly about paganism, and I was caught by this video.

Thinking back of my own limited experience with spells, I remember feeling so awkward following the instructions from a book, learning that spells involving love have to be done on Friday, preferably with the moon nearing full, lighting a pink or red candle whilst invoking these specific deities… And I didn’t know anything about it or felt that it was appropriate. Feeling that way, I don’t think any of my early spells worked. As Flora says, if you don’t believe what you do will work, why bother? If you can’t perform the spell wholeheartedly, it won’t work.

So basically, when you want to do spell-work or want to use some sort of symbolism, you have to find the symbols that resonate with you. Find out what you feel when looking at red, blue, yellow and the other colours. Thinking of earth, water, fire and wind, what symbols come in your head? Do you want to incorporate the chakra system in your workings, do you want to work with specific deities or pantheons etc. So many choices to make. Obviously, the correspondences with colours have been based on what people feel when seeing those colours, so chances are they are also quite similar to your personal correspondences. But find out what YOU want to work with, what YOU feel comfortable with and use only that 🙂

What a foot might tell you

During our lunch break, most nurses were sitting in the sun or shadow with bare feet or with slippers or sandals. Great of course, because it meant it was warm here! One of my colleagues all of a sudden blurted out: “You are stubborn, aren’t you?” (directed at one of those fortunate co-workers wearing open shoes). When the co-worker in question agreed she happily said: “I thought so, I saw that your toe is longer than the big one”.

Obviously that was when I became interesting. My colleagues were discussing their feet and the meaning a particularly crooked toe might have (to which she didn’t know the answer). And I began thinking. Palm reading or hand reading I had heard of before. Though I have never done a palm reading, I imagine that you look at the position of the fingers and hills on the hand and of course the traditional hand lines.

Apparently, with foot reading, you primarily look at the toes and shape of the foot, not the lines. It originally came from China as complementary to reflexology. In reflexology different parts of the feet are associated with parts of the body. If your toes are stiff and difficult to move, it might be that you also have neck problems and you are probably unbendable. Massaging the feet can be healing, because you stimulate all body parts. But that’s not all you can see from feet. You can also get an indication of someone’s character.

Using Google I came on this great website stating in short a few correspondences of feet, in a nice story. Here is another one from Serena. I used especially the first one to try and figure out what my feet say about me.

My feetLooking at my feet, something becomes very clear: my toes are NOT on a straight line (running from big toe to little toe). Especially my fourth toe sticks out, it appears to be even longer than my third toe! Or perhaps my little toe is just very little.

That long and particularly straight fourth toe (I sometimes think I might be missing a joint) apparently stands for the central place family takes and the high importance I place in relationships. How true is that! I really want to start a family, and live happily together. In addition I’m quite close with my family, we stick together. All my cousins still come to each other’s birthdays, and we’re all adults now. Last year we celebrated Christmas all together, everybody brought something to eat and we all had presents, it was great! We also had a cousin-day I organized at our grandmother’s house, even my little brother (who doesn’t go to birthdays most of the time) was there and had a great time. So yes, family is very important to me, though I don’t need to see them every week to know it’s still ok.

My third toe is also a bit longer than you would expect, which means I’m a perfectionist… Guilty as charged. Sometimes I’d rather do things on my own, because then I’m assured it will be good. I have quite wide feet, which makes it hard to find fitting shoes. It does mean I’ve got ‘solid worker feet’ or in other words I like to have something on my hands. True again, I love working at the nursery house, partly because it keeps me busy all day. My final real distinct characteristic (which you can’t see in the picture) is that I have low arches, I have inserts to correct it. According to theory, I value company (true), am sociable (true, I think, you can’t really judge that yourself 😉 ) and am fairly extrovert (definitely not true).

In short my feet tell me that I am a perfectionist in whose life family takes a central space. I like to work, but I enjoy company of others too, though I’m not very outgoing.

Now I’m curious: how do your feet compare with your personality? To you, is there any truth in these theories?