Pagan e-books

As you already know, I have recently bought an e-reader, mainly to be able to read articles (instead of having to print all of them). After I saw Sammiwitch offer her short story ‘The Magician’ on her blog The Life and Times of a Forever Witch, naturally, I have also been looking at other e-books to put on the reader. Most classic stories are freely available through the Gutenberg organization. They have made many books that do not have copyright on them anymore into e-books, such as Pride and Prejudice (Austen), Pygmalion (Shaw) and Alice in Wonderland (Carroll). These three were already on my e-reader, but there are over 40,000 e-books available! Some of the books are pagan related, mainly about mythology or about religion in Greece and Rome.

Then someone directed me to Smashwords, a great site where anyone can publish their e-books. Looking for free e-books about pagan-related subjects I came across some nice books! A Pagan ABC for kids, a book about Avalon as home of the Fae, some poetry books… Just go to Smashwords and search in the New Age section, or for books with ‘pagan’ in the title. There are some nice fantasy books as well, but beware: the fantasy section has over 150 pages, so you would do good to specify what you want to look at…

Obviously there are many regular books available in e-book format as well, so looking on Amazon, you can search for e-books. In addition I found this article on the blog Pagan Bookworm (which isn’t really posting anything new since 2011, unfortunately), sharing some thoughts on pagan e-books.

So, enjoy reading! I certainly do 🙂



As I child I loved to read. I would sit in a corner with a book, and nobody could disturb me, as I was completely into the book. My mom had that as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to read books lately. All I can do is read the articles I’m supposed to read for my courses at the university, and that’s about it.

The day before yesterday I received the e-reader I had ordered. Though I love books in paper format, I disliked having to print all my articles, since there are so many. Reading  them with an e-reader is quite the same. Eventually, I will save money AND it’s better for the environment as I don’t have to print that much. An additional bonus with my e-reader: some books were already on there! So now I’m reading Alice in Wonderland, I might go on reading Jules Verne or Jane Austen… It’s great!

A great advantage of an e-reader is that you can have so many books with you… all just in a small, light weight object. I think it weighs less than an actual book. It doesn’t read too bad either, you can still snug up in a corner and let nothing disturb you as you are reading!

I’m a bit preoccupied with school right now, but when I have time again, I will look for some pagan e-books as well 🙂