“Song of the earth” book review

Het lied van de aardeSong of the Earth (Het lied van de aarde) by Flemish writer Anne-Marie T’sas (unfortunately only available in Dutch) tells the story of a young theologist, Myra, going to a symposium about christianity and holistic spirituality, but finding nobody when she arrives at the castle the symposium is supposedly held. Curious, she enters the building on her own and finds that, somehow, she does learn about experiencing energies and how she might relate that to the christian religion.

I found the writing style not quite to my taste, it was a bit to much turned inward and.. vague. Normally I enjoy magical realism, but the style did’t quite allow that. But the subjects, wow! I can imagine Myra struggling to combine them with her western spirituality. The existence of chakras and auras, working with the energy for holistic healing and divination, the power of the earth and of rocks as energetic things (for a loss of a better word), even energetic beings. Realizing that even our thoughts and feelings carry energy and can transform the world. It resonated greatly with me. I believe everything is energy, including simple mass. The gods and goddesses are manifestations of specific energies, with which they are often associated (Freya as a goddess of love, for example, and Mars of war). God, the christian God, that is, is associated with unconditional love here. When we practice magic, it works because our intentions and emotions are energy, they carry power. This is also why you might get a different result than what you anticipated if you perform magic angry.

It really is a pity the book is only available in Dutch. With the things Myra goes through, you can nearly imagine it to be an initiation, a shamanic way of learning by experience as I’ve also come across in some books about druidry and shamans. Some things I might adapt to use myself… For one thing, I’ve enrolled myself for the crash chakra e-course from About.com, to start learning more about this from of energy. I’m looking forward to it!


Feeling the chakras

English: Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, a...

English: Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, as taught by contemporary Reiki masters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Currently, I’m reading ‘Wheels of life‘ by Anodea Judith, a book about the chakra system. I had already once followed a chakra e-course, but I haven’t done anything with it. Well, I have done some of the exercises in the book!

For the first time ever I have experienced the forcefield from chakras. I was amazed! I ‘activated my hand chakras’ (which tingles, by the way) and when I moved my palms closer together, I came to a point where I could feel pressure. I could have easily moved my hands closer together, but the field was quite distinct!

Probably the book holds way more to practise with. At the very least there is an introductory meditation about each of the seven main chakras, so I will try to meditate on them.

If you have become curious and want to experience this energy force field produced by the chakras, here is the exercise I did:

Sit down comfortably and stretch out your arms, keeping the elbows stretched. Turn one palm upward. Open and close your hands 20 tot 25 times (keep your elbows stretched!). Turn both hands, so the other palm is facing up and repeat the procedure. This will open your handchakras.
To feel the energy you have to slowly bring your palms together, starting at approximately 60 cm and closing the gap. At a certain point you can feel a subtle ball of energy (I had about 10 to 15 cm between my hands then). Perhaps if you pay attention you can feel the rotation (I didn’t, but I’ll keep practising). The feeling will disappear after about a minute, but you can experience it again by repeating this exercise.

Exciting, huh! 😀