Morning and evening ritual

Lately, I’ve had limited time for my religious practice. Work at school is killing, but it’s a schedule I have to get used to for the future.
Wanting to pay respect to the God and Goddess, I had to find something to do, something small. Before I go to school, I eat, brush my hair, brush my teeth and clean my face and put on day cream. In the evening, I do the same. And therein lies my opportunity.
Recently, I’ve noticed that I put on the cream in the same fashion every time. Stripes on my cheeks, a stripe running over my forehead to my nose, a bit on my chin and a dot on my nose. When I look in the mirror, I get a bit of a tribal feeling. And I love that feeling!
Very deliberately I now watch myself in the mirror when I put on the face cream and I leave it like that for a moment before massaging it into my skin. My small moment with my deities, every morning and night.
It works for me. But I’m curious about what small rituals you do too! So if you’d like, please share 🙂


Lemon & ginger body scrub

Yesterday I’ve made a lemon and ginger body scrub, inspired by this Dutch website. Scrubbing (though not done too often) can have some advantages. It takes away the dead skin cells, so your skin can brown evenly. The oil used in scrub can nourish the skin and make it nice and soft. I wouldn’t advice you to use a salt scrub when you have even a small open wound, though, because it stings! The beau
Here are the ingredients for the lemon and ginger body scrub:
300 gr salt (fine grains, otherwise you’ll hurt your skin)
coconut oil (microwaving it shortly makes it liquid)
almond oil (I didn’t have it, so I used olive oil)
lemon zest from 3 lemons (or more if you want it to smell stronger)
grounded ginger

You pour the salt in a bowl and add the oil in parts, stirring it. You can make it a dry scrub or a more slushy scrub by adding more or less oil. If it has a consistency you like, add the lemon zest and stir it in. The scrub will turn yellow now! Finally you can add the grounded ginger, as much as you like. Then you can put it in a nice jar, close it off (and make sure no air can come through, lemon zest won’t stay good long) and put it in the fridge. If you want to use it, you can better take a bit out with a clean spoon and put it in another cup to take into the shower, because water won’t help you keep the scrub long.

Obviously I took a shower immediately afterwards, and my skin was as soft as it has ever been, and it smelled real nice!

Making any kind of scrub, I discovered, is actually very simple. You take salt or sugar as base, add oil and add whatever smells you like. This lemon and ginger scrub is great to wake up in the morning, but if you want something relaxing after a long day, you could take sugar with almond oil and lavender. Salt with just a little olive oil (making a dry scrub) and eucalyptus essential oil could potentially be great in winter, to open up your nose. You can find plenty of other possibilities on the internet!

Have you ever made body scrub before or are you planning to do it? If so, what would be your suggestion for a nice scrub?