Guided Mabon meditation

Meditation is a wonderful technique, not only to relax, but also in magical working. For me personally, at this moment, I’ve only worked with visualization. Making pictures in your mind and focusing on them is a very powerful tool and actually one most people already learn to employ naturally during childhood. Many games involve imagination and visualization, and children are very good at it. I used to play a game where someone else would lie on the ground with their eyes closed and I’d tell a story and at the end of the story they were allowed to open their eyes again… it took me years to realize I was actually doing a guided meditation.

Guided meditations are my favourite, and on YouTube, you can find literally hundreds, if not thousands. Sometimes the voice sounds a bit weird, but just try to ignore that and listen to the tale (or search another if it’s too distracting). A few days ago, I found a guided Mabon meditation. A soothing voice, the symbolism and images that belong to the equinox and just long enough to be comfortable. As it says in the description, it is meant for Mabon, but much of the symbolism is also generally fall-related, so obviously you can enjoy it now as well.

There is much more to find, all different kinds of treasures online, so if this one doesn’t suit you, there are lots of other options. Let me know what you think!


Autumn feelings

Colleges have started again, and since I have started my master, I have extremely little spare time. Almost all I can do is read, read and read some more in order to pass all the subjects at the earliest moment possible. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make a blog post very often, but I will try to keep you informed on what moves me.

As I was sitting in the library yesterday for reading various articles, someone started playing the piano. At the same time I looked outside and saw the storm raging. The sky was dark and I could see the leafs of trees blown in front of the window. On the way home I saw more leafs lying on the ground. I hadn’t noticed all the spiders that have already made a web, but obviously I did now.
All in all I realised it’s almost autumn already, and I’m looking forward to it! It’s always so cosy inside when outside the weather is horrible to be in. In addition autumn means the indoor korfball season is not far away and I like it better than the outdoor season! And autumn means Mabon, thanking the earth for the abundance of food, naturally by preparing dishes that use the fruits of the earth.

I have started thinking of my Mabon celebration. If the weather allows it, I will go picking apples and pears in a nearby orchard. Otherwise we’ll stay at home. For my ritual I know I’m going to do something with candles and the equal day and night in addition to celebrating the harvest. It will be one of the first celebrations where I plan to do a ritual other than just looking at nature and honouring it in silence. I’m really looking forward to it!