The start of something wonderful

Six years ago, on August 14th, I decided I wanted to be in a relationship with the the love of my life. It was the best decision I ever made. Now, we’ve been married for almost 7 weeks, so we have just left the 6 weeks of honeymoon, the traditional period during which everything is sweet as honey and you eat white bread instead of whole wheat… What a road it has been. Not without bumps to start with, because we dated before, in secret, but split up. The age difference of 11 years was a bit too apparent then. But six years ago we were a couple once more, out in the open, and I’ve never had a moment of doubt.

Wanting to change into my PJs a couple of minutes ago, a curious package, wrapped in tin foil, was lying on my pillow, waiting to be opened by me. You probably don’t know this, but tin foil is our special thing. My husband used to wrap gifts with it, when I wanted regular gift wrapping paper, so we had some arguments about it. He also used a tin foil ring when he asked me to marry him. Some symbolism, and now I can’t refuse when he wants to wrap any package with it. Contained within this particular package was a small, pink notebook I gave him the Valentine’s Day we were dating for half a year. How we met, letters we wrote, poetry and art and even some of my diary entries about him, I’d put everything in it. It isn’t up to date, as we have barely put anything about the wedding in it, but now my husband made an entry.

So sweet, renewing the things he said when we married, expressing his happiness and joy, it nearly brought me to tears. I honestly wouldn’t know what I’d do without him. I’m grateful for what we have and thank the Goddess we have found each other. Love is beautiful!


A year of blogging

I just got a notification congratulating me with my first year at WordPress. I didn’t realize it has been a year already, so I was quite surprised. During this year I have made 38 posts, 39 if you include this… not really the number I was aiming at. When I started this blog, I had very high expectations of my discipline, planning to post almost every day, having standard topics on certain days, as I’ve seen on other blogs and mainly be way more active. But that was way too much. 

I am a perfectionist, and when I make a post, I want it to be complete. I want to know about what I write and I want the post to include almost everything there possibly is to know about a subject. Especially if it is a more esoteric topic. More recently, I realized that is not why I started this blog. I want to tell about my life and my experiences, wanting to share things I think others may relate to. Not just about pagan living, because honestly I don’t do very much with the beliefs I hold, but about everything I encounter.

With the first year of blogging concluded, though I haven’t posted much, I’ve learned what I want with this blog, and I hope to show it in the future. Let’s see if I can make the two years of blogging!

200 years Pride and Prejudice (P&P challenge #1)

Yesterday it was Pride and Prejudice’s 200th birthday. For a novel that perhaps didn’t inspire much thought when it was first published, it is now one of the most well-read Jane Austen novels and one of my personal favourites. Why? Because it is so easy to get into the head of Elizabeth Bennet and understand what she goes through, even though society has changed greatly since the novel was first written. I have reread the book for probably the 5th time and still fell in love with Darcy as Elizabeth did, and I still felt curious: will they get together in the end? Of course, I know, but the way the book is written makes me question is every time again.

ImagePride and Prejudice has inspired some great movies, the latest from 2005 with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. Wonderful costumes, picturesque villages and mansions, traditional dances (which I LOVE) and naturally the wonderful story. Yet, it doesn’t tell the entire story. I found that I missed parts of the story. Especially Darcy’s side of the story barely is enlightened, though it is hinted at in the novel. Had I not known the story yet, the (very sudden) admiration for Elizabeth had come across quite odd. Within the short time frame I have to say that Matthew Macfadyen makes the most of it, though… A very handsome Mr Darcy indeed!

Recently I bought the 1995 BBC series, starring the brilliant Jennifer 

ImageEhle and Colin Firth. Though I very much liked the 2005 film edition, I absolutely LOVED the series and spent an entire day with simply watching Pride and Prejudice. It is so truthful to the story, telling every little bit, showing how Darcy feels, having the clothing and environment that perfectly fits with 200 years ago. Contrary to the movie, the colours in the series are quite plain, but as I noticed that, I realized that plain colours are way more natural!

One of my favourites at this moment is a modern adaptation of the story as a video blog on Youtube. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, short videos of 3 to 6 minutes, and they’re great! The additional characters get way more depth than in the original novel or the movies. You can view the first episode here. If you like it, there are currently 83 videos, and Lizzie is at Pemberley (yes, the story line is followed, but it is a very modern adaptation). According to some, this adaptation stays true to the novel best… Go check it out!

I’m definitely not the only one to love this classic, 200 year old novel. Many more people do. Some people have been inspired to write about Jane Austen’s world, others take a more feminist approach as a Modern Mrs Darcy (she has written very nice reviews of the different film editions as well!) and yet others simply love Pride and Prejudice, such as The Bennet Sisters and Austenprose.