About me

So.. about me.. what to say! Obviously I live in the Netherlands and consider myself a witch. I don’t yet feel comfortable using the word ‘witch’ to describe myself to people I know. I do occasionally explain to people how I see the world and religion, but since I’m not sure what direction I want to go, I’m sort of in the broom closet. But I know that I’m pagan in the most general sense of the word. I believe everything – you, me, trees, Gods and Goddesses, really everything – consists of energy with certain characteristics. Energy can be fiery and uplifting coming from the sun, in teenagers finding their way and for Gods such as Mars. It can also have a gentle flow to it, like energy from the water element or a Crone. And energies interact, which is why, I think, we can influence the world with our actions and thoughts. Yes, magic really does work!

Sport is one of my main hobbies, both in practicing myself and in watching events on tv. I’m most active in korfball, a typical Dutch sport. It is particularly renowned for the mixed character (one of the few sports where men and women play together) and the rules that give a small person like me (1.60 m) a realistic chance in taking on way bigger opponents. In the future I hope to be active on the crossroads of education and sport, getting as many children as possible exercising and laying the base for healthy living in the future. This is why I study Human Movement Sciences, which is mostly vaguely described as being one step further than physiotherapy, PE, coaching sports and all other things involving people moving; we basically get the theoretical aspects of all this. Can I be more specific… No, not really, sorry. But you get the gist 😉

In addition to playing korfball, I enjoy reading and cooking very much. Lately, I don’t always have time to read much or cook meals I haven’t tried before (this really takes more time than something you know), but I try to do it when I can. If you want to see the books I read and what I think of them, you can find me on Goodreads (the widget is on the left). My favourite recipes… maybe I’ll share them with you! You can find them under ‘Healthy living’.

As I learn more and expand my knowledge, I will change… And so will this page, as it reflects me the way I am now.


8 Responses to “About me”

  1. alienorajt Says:

    Love what I have read so far, Judith. Alienora

  2. Effy Wild Says:

    Hi, Judith! You won the Moonshine:Mother Blogalong Contest! Please e-mail me since i can’t find your address here on your site. xo effy@effywild.com

    • 91juditho Says:

      Yay 🙂 Thanks again for hosting the contest, it has really helped me find out what I like to write about and well.. a bit more about myself. Hopefully Moonshine: Mother will help explore deeper parts of me. I’ve sent you an email!

  3. Book Lover's Attic Says:

    Hi there! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here…http://bookloversattic.wordpress.com/ ~Deanna

  4. The Varied God Says:

    Are you familiar with the Welsh sorceress Cerydwen? I am trying to track down information. Her most famous episode involves brewing a stew that contained knowledge of all things. In the legend it had to be brewed for a year and a day, because she had to gather herbs beneath all moons. This is very seasonal to me, and I want to know more, but I can’t find any information. I thought you might know something about her.

    • 91juditho Says:

      If you try searching for Cerridwen (different spelling), you might find more results, cause I think there’s much to find online. I see her as a goddess, a goddess of knowledge. I’m not very familiar with Cerridwen, but she is a very archetypal mother goddess, with her cauldron representing the female womb. So can’t really help you further, sorry, but in my experience the Internet is great for finding this kind of info. Good luck!

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