Dancing in the rain

It is remarkable how nice the weather still is, despite it being halfway October. When I cycle to work in the morning, going from the city to green pastures and forest to city again, I can really see the changes the season brings. When starting my job halfway September, I had to dodge chestnuts falling down on me and had to resist myself from picking the remaining blackberries. Now, I have to dodge falling, disintegrating leaves and am grateful for the occasional morning mist, because it shows me the spider webs before I drive through them head-first. The temperature is also dropping, but I still don’t need my jacket when cycling to work. Plants and animals show the changes, but the sun keeps shining.

Until this week. Yesterday it was raining vehemently in the morning, so I decided to go by train rather than by bike, to avoid my laptop from getting wet. No need for that today, but as I was on my way home there was a cloud-burst that can’t have lasted more than 10 minutes but left me absolutely soaking wet. I started out being really annoyed, because the raindrops down my neck startled me and were freaking cold… but as I was cycling through the rain, a grin crept unto my face. I was actually enjoying it!

The feeling of the raindrops on your body, the sounds that are suddenly muted because all you hear is the downpour of rain, your focus turning almost inward as you can only see a few meters ahead (and are keeping your head down). My mind was dancing in the rain, with the rain, jumping from drop to drop and shouting out in enjoyment. I loved it.


One Response to “Dancing in the rain”

  1. Silverleaf Says:

    Beautiful! I ran in the rain the other day and had much the same feelings. Happy Autumn!

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