My digital Book of Shadows

A BoS is different for everyone. Some people prefer to split it up in several books, such as a notebook specifically for sabbats, a dream journal etc. Others keep it all together and add all bits and pieces. I’ve seen Pixie Flora’s one on YouTube, and it’s this massive binder with printed rituals, notes on lined paper and what not. It’s very impressive, but nothing like what I would want.

I’ve tried several formats now, including a notebook where I would just document whatever new information I had learned, describe my rituals and spells and plan my sabbat celebrations. More recently I have used a binder, because that is more organized. I really like my binder, because I can jot down whatever I want and also because I’m used to taking notes whilst listening to colleges or reading articles. That’s still just easier on paper. In addition, it’s nice to be able to add notes to something already in there and not having to move back and forth through a notebook continuously.

Insert Evernote. Like I already explained, I started using Evernote for going paperless. Nice thing about Evernote: it’s extremely organized! It works with notes in notebooks, and you can tag the notes with topics, making it super-simple to find stuff. Just as good as a binder! Or perhaps even better, because you can easily add content from the web. Since that currently is my primary source of information, it saves me from either printing the stuff or copying it. Or putting it in a folder on my computer that I will then never use again (do you have that as well?). You simply use a Web Clipper, and once you see an interesting article, you can copy it to your notebook!

So what does my digital Book of Shadows consist of? Well, I have a notebook called ‘Book of Shadows’ that holds all of my pagan-related notes. I use very simple tags, namely ‘deities’ and ‘sabbats’ (remember: I’ve only just started, so these are the only topics I currently have in my BoS). I will probably add stuff about divination, correspondences and more, but since I’m almost over my upload limit, that will have to wait. I still have the basic stuff in my binder, and the pretty stuff will just be scanned to Evernote 🙂 Evernote can also hold video and audio files, so I might start taping rituals or spells! As you see, I’m getting pretty organized, removing clutter from my home and head and documenting my spiritual practice 😀


2 Responses to “My digital Book of Shadows”

  1. Silverleaf Says:

    I meant to say earlier that I use Evernote all the time for my writing, grocery lists, to do lists – everything really. I live by it!

    • 91juditho Says:

      Aha, so you’re an expert when it comes to Evernote! 🙂 It’s really awesome, but I won’t do everything with it. Still prefer a seperate app for to do’s for example. But there is so much potential, for whatever reason you might want to use it.

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