Celebrating Lammas with fruit and veggies!

Happy Lammas! Or Lughnasadh if you prefer (though I find the second to ‘look’ more beautiful, my heart tells me to use Lammas). This harvest celebration is the first of three (Mabon and Samhain following later), and therefore also the first opportunity to look back at the year and our accomplishments. My greatest one this year was graduating 😀 I started almost 5 years ago and as of March 31st I am officially Master of Science. All the time and energy I put in paid off. Now all I need is a job, but I’m working hard on that and have already found an awesome place to get some job experience starting September 1st.

Another thing that I’m grateful for, is that the change in my diet has really made my migraines go away. Before the change, I had a migraine attack every month. Now, I think I had 2 or 3 in an entire year, and they were milder. So yes, I’m very happy with the past year!

The way I celebrate mimics how I celebrate the other sabbats: mostly with food. I went to the farmer’s market and got some great cherries and prunes. I went berry picking (the blackberries are growing like crazy this year). And I walked outside a lot. We ate dishes with bell peppers, used fresh basil from our plant and are basically enjoying the harvest fruits and veggies.

Perhaps you heard of the French Intermarché starting to sell ‘inglorious fruits and vegetables’ as they call it, shaped in such a way that it isn’t mainstream and is often wasted. We have a company in the Netherlands called Kromkommer (=wonky cucumber) that also sells this type of fruit and veg in soups and other products. I can’t but love the concept. In all those wonky shaped produce, energy put in is similar to that of perfectly shaped produce. Nutritional content is the same and they don’t taste anything less than the products found beautiful enough to end up in the fruit and veg isle. My point? Enjoy the harvest. Of all fruit and vegetables, not only those that are deemed aesthetically pleasing. All fruit and veg is beautiful for the Earth’s energy they contain and the positive effect they have on your body. So enjoy the season!


4 Responses to “Celebrating Lammas with fruit and veggies!”

  1. Silverleaf Says:

    Hi! I love this post. So happy and food-focused 🙂 We celebrated in much the same way, by going to the local farmer’s market, enjoying BBQs and having dinners with friends – I made my favourite stone fruit coleslaw again, too. I hadn’t heard about any of the companies in Europe selling naturally “ugly” produce. What a great idea! I actually hate all the perfectly formed things – they seem to be so far from the natural world – so this is great! I wish they’d do that here. Happy Lughnasadh! That’s my Celtic background coming out…

    • 91juditho Says:

      Thanks! I’m trying to grow some of my own food now, so I’m wondering if that will grow wonky too. I kind of hope so! Perhaps they’ll start selling those wonky ones in stores or companies near you as well, who knows 😉 🙂 Reducing (food) waste seems to be an international hype, so I wouldn’t be surprised!

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