Solar energy

The Sun is omnipresent is this period of the year. Temperatures have risen well above 25 degrees and I really have to make sure to put on sunscreen if I don’t want to end up as a lobster at the end of a sunny day. But it’s good! We need the Sun’s energy to provide us with food for the winter (although refrigerators and globalisation have made this less of a necessity). I’ve already noticed beautiful big blackberries and gathered some (they taste GREAT). There are gardening plots quite near me, and I want to take a walk there and see the tomatoes grow. I planted a cherry tomato earlier in spring, but even though it’s growing well, there isn’t any red to see yet.

The fact that we cannot possibly live without the warmth of the Sun has made it an icon and an object of worship in many cultures. Mithras or Sol Invictus, the Sun god that was worshipped in Asia and later in Rome (before the rise of christianity) is a great example, but we are all probably familiar with the solar disc that was the sign of the Egyptian god Ra as well. Personally, I do not personify the Sun per se, though at times I may call upon him. And yes, I still use the Sun as a symbol, which is also why I made my own solar disc for Litha (it has bent a little due to gravity). I also bought a book that discusses the Sun, both as physical object and as icon in various cultures. I still have to read it, but am excited to start!

More recently, the interest in the Sun has increased again as renewable energy sources are sought. A wonderful development, since the Sun is expected to stay for a very long time (with my human experience of time) and other sources of energy are quickly being depleted. I only hope that people will give the Sun some credit or thank you, rather than only using his energy!


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