Purging and cleansing

Every now and then it’s time to get rid of the old and make place for the new. I always feel this very strongly in the beginning of spring, around February, when I want my windows to shine and when I want bright colours around to let the returning sun in and enjoy the awakening earth. But with my brithday in the beginning of May, I always feel I have to shed parts of my life I don’t want anymore, cleanse, and make room for new stuff. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past month or so (and am still doing). Here’s how I work:

  1. Dig out all the clothes. What haven’t I worn in over a year? That’s definitely good to go or to be refashioned into something else (as soon as I’ve learned how to sow). Are there any summer clothes that don’t fit anymore or that are just too old? Gone too. I have lots more space now for nice, new clothes 🙂
  2. Look at your collection of books. Of those I have read, which ones do I really want to keep because I will reread them (quite a lot, to be honest). Those I haven’t read, I have now ordered in one bookcase (on colour, it looks awesome!) and want to read them this year. The ones I do not plan on reading again, I can donate, the other ones I will keep. I’m not very fast with reading these assorted books, however, because I keep adding more, and because I keep reading older books.
  3. Check out the plants in the house and on the balcony. I don’t have green fingers whatsoever, so some will have died and others are in dire need of regular watering. I take out the plants that unfortunately have perished and make a schedule for watering the other plants. So far, no plant has died, yay!
  4. I don’t clean my windows very often, because it’s a job that takes quite a while and is very challenging (appartment on the third floor). I should do it more, but every time I clean it, birds seem to find it a very attractive place to poop… and then I can start all over again. I want to keep the windows clean, though, to let the necessary light filter in.
  5. My cleansing ritual is quite simple. Music has power, so I start clapping and going round the rooms, especially the doorways. I have some nice smelling sachets for in the cupboards and smelling candles in the living room and study. The kitchen I try to fill with the scent of the most amazing cookies or cakes (well, not that amazing, but nice-smelling anyway). If I’d have room, I’d dance around the house. This ritual might change, depending on the kind of house and the mood I’m in. Or on whether other people want to join in the cleansing (having a party really is a great way of filling the appartment with positive energies).

These are five simple steps to clear your living space of stagnant energy and stuff you don’t use anymore and to fill it with vibrant, positive energy. It can take quite some time, but it’s totally worth it!


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