Gods and Goddesses in modern fiction

And then I mean other than in stories about wicca or stories that take place in Roman times for example. I really mean modern stories. The past week I’ve spent reading Rick Riordan’s series Heroes of Olympos and the Kane Chronicles. If you are interested in mythology, I really recommend the books! Let me explain a bit more, just to tempt you…
In the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympos, we meet the children of the Greek gods. Yes, indeed, demigods, similar to Hercules, Jason and Perseus, the great heroes of the past. But didn’t I say modern stories? Well, yes. You see, the gods are powers of the earth, guiding what happens, and they are still here today. They reside where human society is strongest. Accordingly, they have moved from Olympos to America. And, seeing they never change, they continue to get children with mortals. Greek mythology really comes to life, with gods and monsters and supernatural beings still present in today’s world.
Of course, we know this. Gods are omnipresent, not only the Greek ones, interacting, helping and guiding us. This is not always how it happens in Heroes of Olympos. Gods are not all helpful and have agendas of their own. They often, however, need humans to help them.
This is where the Kane Chronicles are similar. Gods need humans, but this time mainly those descended from pharaohs. They are capable of magic, channelling the powers of nature and of the gods. I loved this, undoubtedly, as it comes so close to how I feel about magic! It is different in the book, of course, but it gave me so much inspiration for my own practice, even though I’m not Egypt oriented.
Conclusion: if you like Egyptian and Greek mythology, these volks by Riordan are must reads! I’m looking for more books, however, so if you have any suggestions on fiction where gods and goddesses play a (big) role, I’d like some recommendations!


4 Responses to “Gods and Goddesses in modern fiction”

  1. Silverleaf Says:

    Love Rick Riordan’s books. My in-laws got the Percy Jackson series for my 8 year old son and we’re currently on #3. He could read them himself but I’d miss out then!

    • 91juditho Says:

      And these really are books you don’t want to miss out on! Great that you’re reading them with your son, it’s a great introduction to Greek mythology in a modern jacket. Enjoy!

  2. Emmy Says:

    The ‘goddess by’ series by pc cast, the goddess test by aimee Carter, ‘Amerikaanse goden’ by Neil gaimen, the Alchemist serie by micheal scott…. 😀

    • 91juditho Says:

      Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve read the first installment of the Alchemist series some time ago, though I don’t recall gods and goddesses playing a role there (but that might just be my faulty memory). Amerikaanse goden, I forgot about that one! And the others I don’t know. So I’ll definitely check them out 🙂

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