Imbolc blessings

I want to wish you all a very happy Imbolc! 

Imbolc is one of the smaller, more intimate sabbats. As opposed to Yule, for example, or Beltane, I feel that Imbolc is a very personal sabbat that doesn’t require other people around you. I know that for many solitary witches it works like that for many of the holidays, but even though I’m solitary, the contact with others is a vital part of my celebrations. Just not for Imbolc. That is between me and the God and Goddess.

This afternoon I will walk to a birthday (okay, yes, others are involved, but that’s just a matter of timing, not ritual). I’ve already spotted snowdrops and some bright new leaves on trees and bushes and will be looking for that. Tonight, in the spirit of Candlemas, I will light a candle to symbolize new beginnings. I’ve already started the new year well with some goals for the new year and have become way more organized. Lighting a candle will give that a new boost and remind me of the times ahead of me.

I’m curious though. How do you celebrate Imbolc? And do you, like me, get the urge to start the spring cleaning as soon as Imbolc is upon us?

However you may (or may not) celebrate Imbolc, I hope you have a blessed day!


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