December Book Tag

The Dutch blog ‘Zon en Maan’ (Sun and Moon) hosts a bookish themed advent calendar throughout December in which I participate. There are several giveaways, which is fun obviously, but there are also activities to be done, and this is the first one.

Now, I am not familiar with these so-called tags. Apparently, they’re just questions centered around a theme or assignments of some sort. This one is centered around the festivities in December, which are not only Yule or Christmas and New Years Eve, but also Saint Nicholas. For us in Holland, it is a month filled with anticipation, especially for those lucky people celebrating with presents both at Saint Nicholas and Christmas. Anyway, the December book tag consists of several questions, so let me answer them!

– What book(s) will you read during the Christmas break?
Well, let me see. There is a classic Dutch novel that was distributed in libraries during November, about a boy who steps into a painting into the insect world, which I still have to read. In order to complete the afficionada level I signed up for with the Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge, I still need to read at least one and preferably 2 books. I’m planning to reread the original Jane Austen novel and perhaps Death comes to Pemberly. It’s good I have enough time to spare, because I also won Teardrop through a Goodreads giveaway and that is also still on my to-read list.

– Which book do you hope to find under the Christmas tree?
Wow, there are so many books I would like to have! But one that I put on my wish list is Keri Smith’s Wreck this journal, which I’ve seen at a friends and which is both hilarious and creative.

– The best book to give as a present at Christmas?
That depends on the person it is intended for, obviously. But since I read it not too long ago and believe everyone should, I’d say PS I love you by Cecelia Ahern. Sad at the beginning, but really a story about life and continuing life. Just what you’d want with Christmas!

– The best book-made-into-film to watch during Christmas? 
Now that’s an easy question. It is a family tradition to watch A Christmas Carol, several times actually, leading up to Christmas. There are dozens of films based on this book, but I know it’s not the Muppet version, nor the Disney version. It’s actually a musical version with Albert Finney as Scrooge (which is the title of the movie). I just love the feeling of Christmas both the story and the songs (which, after years of seeing it, I know by heart).

– Which author would you like to join at Christmas dinner?
That would have to be either J.K. Rowling or Raymond E. Feist. They have both created magical worlds that I love, and I would like to know more about it and about how they came up with it (or how it came to them, how should I know how a writer’s mind works).

– Which book can bring you into the holiday spirit best?
All books that are about Christmas and are somewhat positive can get me in a festive mood. A Christmas Carol definitely, but the description of Christmas in Harry Potter also gives me a warm feeling.

– If you were to give one book to all the people in the world, which one would it be?
Is there one book that would inspire everyone, that would unite peoples and make wars something of the past? No, probably not, because people are so different. But what I loved to read was a book unfortunately not available in any language other than Dutch: Children of Mother Earth (Kinderen van Moeder Aarde) by Thea Beckman. It takes place a couple of centuries after WW3, and depicts a land where the Earth is revered and people work together on everything. Until, of course, a group of people remembering the legacy of warfare discovers this land. In my opinion, it shows a utopia that might be one day, which is why it would be my gift for the world.

– And finally: a wish for the readers of your blog  

I hope you all find a way to deal with whatever might be going on in your life, living it to the full, and accomplishing what you set out for!

One Response to “December Book Tag”

  1. Emmy Says:

    I love your answers! 🙂 And of course I am happy you are also a great Harry Potter fan 😛

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