Mr Darcy’s Diary (P&P challenge #6)

Pamela Aidan is not the only author intrigued with what Mr Darcy actually does and feels during the events described in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She has written a great series on ‘Fitzwilliam Darcy, gentleman’, which I have reviewed earlier in the course of the Bicentenary Challenge. Amanda Grange has attempted the same in ‘Mr Darcy’s diary‘, using a very different format.

Diaries usually reveal a person’s innermost feelings (which is probably why others are usually not allowed to read them). It is a format of writing that thus allows for much depth, more about emotion and interpretation than about factual accounts of a story. In my opinion, this is precisely what Grange has not managed to do. Yes, the diary also relates to periods that are not described in the original novel, but that is fairly limited. Naturally, her story follows the line of Pride and Prejudice, using literal excerpts from the novel, but it remains mainly a factual account. You would expect to get to know Darcy better, crawl into his head and heart and learn what he thinks and feels about the events that take place. Sadly, the character of Darcy remains quite flat 😦

Perhaps I was biased because I read Aidan’s series first. Scanning Goodreads reviews, I found many people comparing the two authors and finding Grange’s version lacking, while those who haven’t read the trilogy yet are fairly positive. I can only join the critics in this case, even though the two books have a very different format. Where Pamela Aidan has succeeded in giving insight into Darcy’s life apart from his time at Netherfield, his feelings and thoughts, Amanda Grange has not or only fairly limited. Does that mean I disliked reading it? No, but had I read it first, I would have enjoyed it better. On the other hand, like one of the reviewers on Goodreads also said, it is a very different format, and perhaps was written with different intentions. It is not a stand alone book, but has to accompany the original novel. Perhaps that is the best conclusion.


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