Symbolism of wedding rings

I’ve been married almost 5 months now and still very conscious of my wedding ring. When playing korfball I take it off (I don’t want to risk breaking a finger and having to cut the ring) but other than that, I always wear it. Sometimes I suddenly find myself feeling the smooth metal or playing with it. Yes, it means a lot to me, the ring as symbol of our love.
When we got engaged two Christmasses ago, a ring was already important. He hadn’t planned it, so he fabricated a ring out of tin foil. I kept it on all evening, going to tell all our relatives. My grandfather was so proud, and immediately began telling stories of his own marriage. My grandmother died a month after I was born. On one hand, my grandfather has his wedding and engagement ring. Hers are on the other hand.
The wedding ring is a symbol of the enduring love between two people. Till death do them part, but even beyond that. My mom’s been dead for 5 years today, and though my dad has a girlfriend for some time now, he still wears his ring.
Being a circle, this enduring bond is also what the shape of the ring represents. In addition (though lately, more people choose rings made of metal), wedding rings are traditionally made of gold. Gold does not wear, it doesn’t deteriorate and is perfect to represent everlasting love.
For me, I believe the things the ring represents are also true of our relationship (I can’t imagine you would pose the question if you don’t believe this). And I love how that small band of gold around my finger says “I belong to someone else, and he to me, and that will never change”. Cynics will not agree, but I don’t care because it feels wonderful and gives me so much strength. Love is everlasting, just like the wedding ring.


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  1. Emmy Says:

    I totally agree with you!

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