Blessed Samhain!

I want to wish you all a blessed Samhain!

Last weekend, the clock was turned back, meaning it is now darkening at about 6. As a ‘dark’ time of the year, I associate it with death, ending, which is why today I have honoured those who have passed on. On my cabinet, I’ve placed photos and objects of my ancestors, lit a candle and meditated a bit. Not very spectacular, but quite enough. Samhain is also a good moment for divination because, as some people like to say, ‘the veil between the worlds is thin’ at Samhain (hence also the connection to the ancestors and afterlife). Which meant for me that I practiced a bit with my rune set, because I am still learning 😉

Halloween is not yet very big in the Netherlands, but more and more people like to carve pumpkins and organize trick-or-treating for the children. Since we live in an apartment 3 floors high (and I like to display pumpkins if I carve them), I’ll be cooking with pumpkin tonight. For the first time ever, so fingers crossed! And I’m making another dish as well, just in case…

Should you have time and you are looking for some craft ideas connected to Samhain (which is obviously not limited to this day only, but, in my opinion, is a seasonal thing), try looking on Pinterest for ideas. I found great ideas for food, ghosts in the yard, pumpkin carving designs (including pagan themed carvings) and seasonal decoration. What I would like to do myself is to make an ancestor cloth. Last year I told you how I have started genealogy, researching my family tree, and I’ve always admired the huge tapestries or papers that show someone’s lineage. It just looks amazing! I would like to make something similar, but then a whole lot simpler 😉

In addition, I would like to make a small, portable shrine out of an old book. This is easier than it might sound, since it is quite similar to making a treasure chest. You have to cut out a center portion of the pages and glue them together, so you have a sort of box. In it, you can place small items, for example jewelry, an old watch or letters that have belonged to the deceased loved one. Just to add to it, I would cut out a center of the front and paste the subsequent page to it with only three sides. Are you visualizing (I don’t have a picture, sorry)? Yes, it would be a kind of envelope you might put something in. And for me personally, a photo inserted there would make it a more personal shrine, indicating whose it is.

So plenty of things to do, but most important: celebrate in any way you feel comfortable with! Blessed Samhain!


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