Crystal spiral for healing

Burgemeester van der WerffToday is October 3rd! In Leiden, where I live, that is a major holiday, perhaps even bigger than the national Queen’s Day (which is King’s day as from this year). It started out in 1574, during the 80-year long war (I don’t know what that is called in English). The Spaniards tried to take over control over most of the Netherlands and the troops of Valdez were laying siege on the city of Leiden. Food was scarce, even so scarce that a legend states the mayor offered his body to serve as food…

The prince, as a desperate measure, decided to bring down the dykes of Holland, hoping the water would drive Valdez away. But it took until October for the water to rise and actually reach Leiden. In the night of 2 to 3 October, a small boy called Cornelis Joppenszoon climbs the wall and finds the Spaniards have actually fled, leaving behind the cooking pots with a hearty meal of carrots, onions and meat. The ‘hutspot’, as it is called, stills the first hunger of the citizens from Leiden, and when the prince arrives with herring and white bread, they know they have made it.

This defeat of the Spaniards was one of the key moments in the fight for independence of the Republic. Even during the world wars, the accomplishment was commemorated in church, and the University of Leiden, which was given to the city by the prince, is a remaining tribute and remembrance of those days. Ever since, the 3rd of October is celebrated in Leiden. Perhaps in the first days, the freedom was really commemorated, but now… I only know it as the carnival in town with bands performing, people drinking beer and eating ‘hutspot’ and herring with white bread. Yes, weird traditions, but oh such fun!

One of the children my husband trains, however, wasn’t able to celebrate and go into town this year. She has had an operation to correct the scoliosis in her back a few weeks ago and is now recovering. Her body will have to get used to the new alignment of her back, which is expected to take another nine months of small steps forward. The entire korfball club is feeling for her and her family, emotionally supporting them in every possible way. Wanting to do something a bit more tangible for myself, I decided to send her some healing magic, as I will continue to do for the period she is recovering.

On my altar, I made a spiral of crystals. I think there is moonstone there, perhaps some citrine and other quartz varieties, and in the center I have placed a rose quartz. The many stones symbolize the steps in her recovery process, going to the full recovery at the rose quartz. When I was empowering this spiral, with my third eye I saw lines of gold connecting the stones (I hadn’t planned this, so it was kind of cool), and coming closer to the rose quartz, I placed the image of a healthy, healed girl in the center of the spiral. The crystals will stay put, and when I look at my altar and see the spiral, my mind immediately projects the golden lines and the image of a healed girl onto it. So every time I look at it, healing energy will be sent to her, and I’m sure she can celebrate October 3rd next year!
Crystal spiral


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