Crafting your own tools

Autumn really brings out craftiness! Perhaps the colours and seeing all the cobwebs with the spiders make me creative.

When I started researching Wicca, I was overwhelmed by the requirements. You have to dedicate yourself, you can only be Wiccan if you’re in a coven and you really need all the tools. I got the impression everything was really strict, and perhaps in traditional Wicca it is, but when learning more about paganism, I realized it doesn’t have to be. Yes, you can choose to do a self-dedication or to join a group, but you don’t have to.

Tools especially I find interesting. I’ve found that you actually only need yourself. You are the vessel of power, you can influence the world by focusing, exerting your will and projecting your intent. Of course, tools can help you focus, raise and guide energy, but a characteristic of a tool is that you can do without. Tools merely make it easier.

The wand, for me, is the the tool that speaks to my imagination. In all fantasy stories, it is the essential tool of wizards and witches such as Harry and Hermione. And I decided I wanted one. A couple of months ago I found a perfect branch outside, and as I was feeling crafty, today I crafted my wand. I kept it real simple and just stripped most of the bark away. I still have to consecrate it, but I love how it looks and feels! Can’t wait to work with it.


So tools aren’t really necessary, though they can help in your practice. Should you want tools, I advise you to make them yourself. You’ll use natural material, it costs less, is fun to do and most importantly: the energy you put in will help you in using it, as you feel more connected to it. Just try it!


4 Responses to “Crafting your own tools”

  1. Silverleaf Says:

    Very nice post, and very nice wand!

  2. Emmy Says:

    Nice wand! I made one myself too!

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