Sifting through cooking magazines during Mabon

Today, I celebrated Mabon, the autumn equinox. The days are clearly shortening and the weather is markably changing. Actually, today was the first day without rain in at least two weeks. Mould was seriously beginning to develop, cause there wasn’t enough time for things to dry.

Mabon, for me, is mainly about counting your blessings, looking at the harvest of the year and giving thanks. Obviously, I got married this year and feel blessed with my wonderful husband. Which newlywed wouldn’t feel that way! My dad is changing his drinking habits, and this is really improving his relation with my little brother, who still lives at home. It had been going worse and worse with them.
My dad has a girlfriend, and my brother doesn’t like her. Dad stays at her place during the weekend and seems to want to move there… Add to that financial problems and the drinking, and you van understand why my dad and brother were (verbally) fighting constantly. I’m so grateful this isn’t happening that much anymore 😀 And though I still worry about my dad’s health (he’s so skinny I’m almost afraid to break something when hugging him), I know he’s changing his drinking.

Of course there are many other things I count amongst my blessings, but these are most prominent.


Mabon is also associated with the harvest. Yes, this is both actual and spiritual, but my mind immediately goes FOOD! Lovely, hearthy, earthy dishes using the products of mother Earth. This week, I’ll probably eat beans once, since, yay, I can harvest some beans I’ve grown indoors. Probably about 5 to 10 actual beans… But hey, I’ve grown them myself 😉 I don’t have any pumpkins yet, so I think I might have done something wrong, probably something with watering. My green fingers are not that green.


Well, then I can better just cook. I really want to try out new things, and I’m dying to finally try out pumpkin. Where to find new recipes? I usually find them in magazines about cooking. The grocery stores have free magazines, and I’ve collected so much and barely ever used them.  So my Mabon activity really consists of sifting through the magazines and cutting out recipes I like. I’ll sort them and make a special cook book pasting them in. Then I’ll make little cards with the names and we’ll draw a new one every week. Really, it’s a very simple way to plan meals and plan in new things. When I’m done, I’ll post what my new cookbook looks like!

So this is what I did at Mabon. What did you do?


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