How ‘Sweep’ changed my life

When I turned 11, I was extremely disappointed when I didn’t get a letter from Hogwarts. Many of you have probably had the same 😉 I grew up with Harry Potter, and believed fervently in the magical world existing next to ours. Magic just had to be real. Waving my self-made wand, I tried to levitate objects, I tried brewing potions and tried to spot magical creatures. But when it turned out I was really a Muggle, I gave up on getting into this world.

Still, magic just had to be real! ‘So you want to be a wizard‘ allowed my dreaming to start again. In the same way Nita had found a book with instructions on how to use magic, I hoped my reading book would change overnight to an instruction book on magic. Wizards protect Life itself, listening to nature and using both natural and man-made objects in their magic. Seemed like the best and worthiest occupation, protecting Life, which is why the Wizard’s Oath is so serious and solemn. Only after speaking it out and keeping to it can one really be a wizard. So, naturally, I tried to speak out the wizard’s vow, hoping that would do it… With no avail.

That’s when I discovered ‘Sweep‘. A more realistic story about magic nowadays, in a religious system honouring both a God and a Goddess. It deals with attuning to nature, self-discovery and good vs evil. After reading the first novel, a whole new world opened up. Magic is real, witches actually do exist! Immediately I ran to the library, finding every book on Wicca and witchcraft they had. In grammar school and pre-university college, I learned mythological stories from polytheistic religions. I searched the internet (and realized most of the book was very much fiction, but that’s perfectly OK). I found so incredibly much!

Though I do hold on to certain elements of Wicca, it is not my path. But reading about it in ‘Sweep’ opened up so much and really changed my spiritual life. I am learning to attune to nature by celebrating sabbats and growing plants. I’ve renewed my interest in folklore and mythology from around the world, which is a journey that will never end. Properties, both healing and magical, of plants, gems, stones, colours and what not. Divination, dreaming, self-exploration. And of course, what I was searching for so long: magic. The simple magic of making intentions, focusing attention and working on it. Less spectacular than Harry Potter, perhaps, but at the same time so much more spectacular because all you need is yourself. Yes, the road I follow since reading ‘Sweep’ really has transformed me.


4 Responses to “How ‘Sweep’ changed my life”

  1. Jeyna Grace Says:

    Sweep does sound interesting. Personally, I know magic exists though I don’t practice it. Wicca is pretty popular these days. I’m interested to know what Wicca says on the origin on men though..

    • 91juditho Says:

      Wicca and other earth-based religions are indeed gaining in popularity (though some merely seek it out because of a hype surrounding it). Honestly, I have no clue what Wicca says about the origin of men. Haven’t come across something specific for Wicca. In the various mythological stories, however, there are a lot of ideas on the origin of mankind.

  2. Emmy Says:

    Sweep sounds interesting. Maybe something I need to read too!
    And I felt the same disappointment when I turned 11. A few years ago a friend of mine wrote me ‘the’ letter. Still have it! (And my sellmade wand)

    • 91juditho Says:

      The series is simply called ‘Wicca’ in Dutch, you can probably find it at the library! Wow, an actual letter, awesome 😀 Supercool you friend did that! My mother threw me a Harry Potter birthday party once, where we got to do ‘magic’, which was also so much fun. Ah, such great memories we have 😉

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