Moonshine intentions

Yay, school has started again, so it will be a very busy period until at least November. As I let you know yesterday, I am starting with a three month course on the mother aspect of the sacred feminine called Moonshine: Mother, given by Effy. It will be the first time ever for me following a course like this, and also a first to many of the mixed media we’ll be using.

This session of Moonshine (as there have also been other courses about other feminine aspects), I intend to broaden my mind. I’ve always wanted to say something like, that, lovely mystique and, quite blankly, vague. So a bit more specific. During this course I intend to journal every day, using the prompts I’m provided with. This will teach me more about myself and about how I relate to the mother and the mother goddess (as that’s where the prompts guide me). We’ll dig deep, and that will hurt sometimes, but I don’t intend to let that stop me. In addition to journaling, I fully intend to participate in every art project and try out different things. I’ve never had a passion for art, as most people who follow Moonshine do, but I won’t let that stop me in enjoying and exploring my creativity.

Faces are very important. When we see a person, the face is what we use to get a first impression. Babies are most interested in people’s faces (poking eyes and stuff 😉 ). So I intend to practice with sketching faces!

The subject of mother will perhaps pose some difficulty… I have very fond childhood memories of my mother, but as she died when I was 17 (I’m 22 now) after a long sickbed, it remains mostly childhood memories. My mother-in-law fills that slightly now, but it’s not the same. In addition, as I am only 22, my husband and I are planning to have children, but not yet trying to. I am not yet a mother myself, so that might also be difficult to relate to. But, anyway, I intend to bring back these fond memories of my mom and think about how I will raise kids some day, whether I would be similar or different (though there’s no telling until you’re actually at that point).

So lots of intentions both related to art in general and to the subject of Mother… Let’s see how it goes!


4 Responses to “Moonshine intentions”

  1. Debi Livsey Says:

    Congratulations! Judith and very nicely intended. I also enjoyed the film short! As I am from Oakville , once upon a time. Lovely to meet. xoDebi

    • 91juditho Says:

      Thanks Debi, I’m really excited to try this 😀 And sorry, but what film short do you mean? Nice to meet you too, and of course the others in the sisterhood!

  2. Karen Stewart Says:

    Just from reading your words, I’m sure you will make a wonderful mother!! I enjoyed reading your intentions!

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