Moonshine: Mother

As you know I’ve participated in the Blogalong hosted by Effy. Part of the challenge was that every time you linked to your post, you would enter for a free seat in Moonshine: Mother, a mixed media exploration of the divine that also lets you dig deep into yourself.

I’m really excited to tell you that, against my expectations, I have won this free seat and will emerge myself for the coming 3 months into art journaling, portretting and mixed media to connect with the mother goddess and mother aspects of myself!

Moonshine - motherIn addition to starting with some new and additional courses, finishing my research project and setting up a trainer course for my club. It’ll be my first experience with art, and it will be an incredible challenge, especially considering my tight schedule, but I’ll be sure to find a way. But I’m so excited 😀 So thanks, Effy, for this opportunity!! During the coming three months, be sure to check back every now and then, cause I’d really like to share my experiences with this course and of course the art I have created.



One Response to “Moonshine: Mother”

  1. Silverleaf Says:

    Sounds great! Congratulations.

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