Packing your bags

(Typical day before going on vacation, camp or whatever)

“Mom, have you seen my cup and plate?” “I can’t find my yellow t-shirt and I REALLY want to take it.” “Mom, I’ve packed everything, but the bag won’t close and I can’t leave anything out”

And then my mom would come up to my room and unpack everything. When she put it in, of course the bag would close… With some space left. Recognizable?

It’s one of the many talents mothers seem to have: they are always able to pack anything and make it fit. And if it was a mess when you tried to pack it, rest assured: it’s now neatly packed.

Now that I have to pack my own things, I’ve realized that’s the key: neatness. Just make little stacks of your clothes, books, try to make squares and put it in your bag. Fill the holes left with small items such as teatowels. And another tip: put the stuff you need first on top… Otherwise you’ll begin your holidays by making a mess.

I realize the holidays are nearly over and school is starting. But with that comes camps, excursions, perhaps moving to campus or going back for the weekend. So next time when you have to pack your bags, you’ll know not to pack like this…

…but to make it look like this. Enjoy packing!


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