Finger-knitted scarf

Hand-made gifts are the best gifts there are. Years ago, you’d create your own gifts merely because it was less expensive. Now… well, I like the fact that it costs less, but hand-made gifts really show how much you appreciate someone. You put in time and effort to make something that people will like. Quite different than walking into the first store you see and getting a gift card, or even easier: money in an envelope. I’m as guilty of that as anyone, because it’s so easy. And you know for sure the receiver can get something he or she likes. But trying to actually give something is more fun. Even when I’ve asked for money for my birthday, I love it when people come up with gifts that suit me. It means much more to me. So I’m trying to practice, find out how to make simple but fun things that I can give as presents.

At my dad’s home, we have a book about crafting everything… yes, EVERYTHING. Bags, musical instruments, toys of all shapes and sizes. I still have to go get it some time, cause the book gives endless possibilities. What I liked best as a child, though, was yarn. I tried crocheting, finger weaving, knitting (though my grandmother had to set up for me) and knotting. Mainly as experiments or for bracelets. Loved it as pastime. Looking into Waldorf education, where hand-working is promoted and even taught, I found a precursor to knitting: finger knitting!

I’d never heard of it before, so I looked at how it works and it’s incredibly simple. I understand they teach this to children for fine motor skills. You basically weave the yarn between your fingers and pull the bottom loop over the top loop all the time.  Here’s a video that explains it.

It’s a bit like spool knitting, but using your fingers instead of the spool. You can quickly knit a long piece. And I did! Just knitting whilst watching TinTin, I made a thin scarf. Probably I won’t wear it myself, cause I’m not a scarf person, but it looks real nice and I might be able to make someone else happy with it. Perhaps I’ll work a bit further, making a shorter but slightly thicker scarf, but I’m not quite sure yet. Anyway, a great technique to make a simple scarf fairly fast.


Apart from finger weaving, crocheting and the other techniques I mentioned, there are still many more ways to work with yarn. I’m planning on trying arm knitting next, making a big scarf. What would you like to give a try?


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