Early morning or late night?

Early morning, sitting crouched in a corner of the couch reading a book or listening to a soft tv. I’ve put the newspaper on the dining table and skipped through the stories and, most importantly, the comics. After sitting downstairs quietly for an hour, my dad comes down for a morning coffee and the morning paper. We’re both silent. He puts on his coat and unlocks the door. “Will you watch the house till mommy wakes up?”, he asks. I nod. I always nod. When he waves goodbye I stick my nose to the glass and wave back to watch him leave. I return to my corner, quietly, waiting for mommy to come down in another half hour.

I must have been about five years old, cause this is one of my earliest memories. Clearly I loved the quiet time of early morning, watching the sunrise and waiting for the world to wake up. Even when I was older and attended secondary school, I got up earlier so I could see everyone coming into the school, see the school starting to buzz with activity (I was there at least half an hour before classes started).

Lately, I’m having trouble getting up early because my husband and I tend to stay up late. Am I now a night person? No. I don’t feel as invigorated by sunset as I feel by sunrise, and I don’t stay up because I’m not sleepy. Why do I do it? To get things done, perhaps. Usually, growing up, I’d wake earlier to get things done, but I enjoy the together time of early morning, cuddling in bed, as well, and just now I want to keep that.

Not everybody functions like this. Some people get their best work done after 11 pm. They feel alive at night and seem to be absent minded all morning until they’ve had their morning coffee… Or even then they remain sluggish. But it certainly has it’s advantages.

I’m a morning person, without a doubt. Which one are you?


6 Responses to “Early morning or late night?”

  1. The Varied God Says:

    Nice writing. Is your summer turning to autumn yet, or when will your seasons start to change?

    • 91juditho Says:

      Thanks! It’s still summer here, but I have a feeling it won’t be for long. That’s ok, I love the colours of autumn, though I tend to feel more sluggish.

  2. Silverleaf Says:

    Hm… I used to be a morning person and love the peace and the light of the early morning, but I have found more and more lately that I am exhausted and groggy all day until the evening. Suddenly, I am clear-headed and ready to go at about 8pm. I could stand outside and watch the stars for hours late at night. Unfortunately, the rest of my family are still morning people!

    • 91juditho Says:

      Funny how that can change. I wonder what caused the change, perhaps work rhythm or something like that? It’s unfortunate when others in the family are morning people when you are groggy and still trying to wake up… But since they probably know it, do they let you be?

  3. Emmy Says:

    I am totally a morning person! My boyfriend is a night person, so that’s kinda annoying sometimes, because I am already sleepy on 10 o’clock and he is like awake until 2. And in the morning I am jumping out of bed with a burst of energy and he is like: URGHHH let me sleep.. Haha

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