Low on energy – 7 ways to recharge

We all have it sometimes. Days where you just can’t get anything done, because you’re low on energy. Today was such a day. After my full moon ritual two days ago, in which I burned a candle to rid me of the laziness concerning schoolwork specifically, I felt like transcribing my interviews. The sooner I get it done, the better, because it is extremely boring and mind numbing. But low energy makes it hard to concentrate, and I was having trouble with it despite my good intentions. Today I got up to actually do something, and I didn’t have enough energy! That needs fixing.

There can be several reasons why you have a low energy level, and concurrently, several ways to reload. Here are some tips to recharge and get your energy level up again!

  1. Get enough sleep – An adult needs approximately 7-9 hours of sleep (it varies per person), so if you have to get up early, make sure to go to bed early as well.
  2. Take your breakfast – Some people can’t stand the smell of food in the morning, but breakfast is very important to get your body started again. Try eating a cracker or perhaps some porridge, but eat something.
  3. Check what you eat – After a few days of fast food or take away, my body is craving for vitamins and healthy food. Take strawberries, yogurt or some nuts (I love a berry smoothie!) instead of the chocolate bar and cook a nice pasta with fresh tomatoes and other veggies or something else that’s fresh. Your body needs nutrients (you can check nutrient content online and there are several apps available as well).
  4. Stretch – When you stretch in the morning, you signal your body to wake up. Try stretching everything, from toes to neck, or perhaps try some morning yoga.
  5. Exercise – After a good workout, I feel much more energetic than before. Even a short 10 minute workout can be enough! If you don’t know what to do, there are literally tons of workouts on YouTube, from yoga to aerobics to strength training.
  6. Check the temperature – Especially when it’s too warm, you might have less energy just because. Adapt your clothing to the weather, if possible, or try to keep it cooler.
  7. Use bright colours- Yellow and orange make me very happy, and when I’m happy, I have more energy. When I was 8, my bedroom used to be bright yellow and green… I was very energetic then 😉 Dull or dark colours often only bring your energy down. You can do something with the colour of walls or ornaments, or you can wear some bright clothing.

These are just seven ways to reboost, but there are definitely many more. How do you recharge?


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