Strawberry and blackberry jam

I love the street market! Every Wednesday and Saturday, our city has one in the old part of town. Whenever I can, I love to go there, especially for fresh fruits (except mangoes, I have had rotten mangoes thrice now, all from the street market, and I’m done with it). Last week, I got deliciously sweet strawberries. Small and red, so you don’t need any sugar with them. My absolute summer favourite.

Sometimes I buy to much fruit… Today, I still had 200 gram of strawberries, two apples and some blackberries I picked when walking back from work. Perfect ingredients for a small bottle of jam! I just cleaned and cut up the fruit (leave the skin on the apples), heated it until the fruit got soft (with a bit of lemon juice to stop it from burning) and then put it in the blender. You can take the apples out before you put them in, but since I had so little fruit, I decided to keep it in. The apples and the lemon juice provided enough pectin to set the liquid, and the strawberries were sweet enough to not put in any sugar 🙂 It looks great with a vibrant red-purple colour. I’m really happy with the way it looks. It tastes a bit acidic, but hey, I can always add sugar when I really think I need it. Next time I’ll use a little less lemon juice, though 😉



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