Ornaments for your altar

With the children of one of our best friends at our home today, I found an excuse to become creative and make some ornaments for my altar. The children had fun, and so did I, and the ornaments we made are now in the oven, drying.

It’s so simple! You take 3 parts flour, 1 part salt, 1 part water and a bit of oil to make a salty bread dough. Don’t eat it though, it’ll taste real foul. When you have the dough, you can make it into any shape you want and dry it in the oven. It takes a long time on low heat, but it is very sturdy and you can paint it to complete it.

The girls made mainly hearts and cakes, some of which for their grandfather, others because they liked them. My creations included a curled up snake similar to the Egyptian board game I saw at the museum (but quite a bit smaller), the three faces of the moon and a candle holder. Most of my dough was stolen away by the kids, but I was able to make what I had planned. In winter time, with Yule approaching, I might make some tree ornaments.

Great fun to do with kids, and a nice way to create things for your tradition. Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of the finished products!


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