The start of something wonderful

Six years ago, on August 14th, I decided I wanted to be in a relationship with the the love of my life. It was the best decision I ever made. Now, we’ve been married for almost 7 weeks, so we have just left the 6 weeks of honeymoon, the traditional period during which everything is sweet as honey and you eat white bread instead of whole wheat… What a road it has been. Not without bumps to start with, because we dated before, in secret, but split up. The age difference of 11 years was a bit too apparent then. But six years ago we were a couple once more, out in the open, and I’ve never had a moment of doubt.

Wanting to change into my PJs a couple of minutes ago, a curious package, wrapped in tin foil, was lying on my pillow, waiting to be opened by me. You probably don’t know this, but tin foil is our special thing. My husband used to wrap gifts with it, when I wanted regular gift wrapping paper, so we had some arguments about it. He also used a tin foil ring when he asked me to marry him. Some symbolism, and now I can’t refuse when he wants to wrap any package with it. Contained within this particular package was a small, pink notebook I gave him the Valentine’s Day we were dating for half a year. How we met, letters we wrote, poetry and art and even some of my diary entries about him, I’d put everything in it. It isn’t up to date, as we have barely put anything about the wedding in it, but now my husband made an entry.

So sweet, renewing the things he said when we married, expressing his happiness and joy, it nearly brought me to tears. I honestly wouldn’t know what I’d do without him. I’m grateful for what we have and thank the Goddess we have found each other. Love is beautiful!


One Response to “The start of something wonderful”

  1. aviv2762 Says:

    How sweet. the Goddess does her rhyme and reason to what happens to us. I’m glad yours was great.

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