The thrill of a rollercoaster

It must have been years since I went to an amusement park, though I always enjoy them very much. I have soothing childhood memories of going to Drievliet and the Efteling with my mom and dad and little brother. My mother was afraid of heights – she once saw me climb a tree out back and I’d never seen her that angry – let alone rollercoaster rides. So my brother and I used to fight over who could sit next to dad, as there were usually only two seats together. Most of the time we went twice or my dad ended the discussion in a fair way: I was older, so I could sit alone. After a while I was actually proud of that and didn’t mind so much.
It was a joy when we found something mom was willing to do as well. A water track (where we were all soaked, naturally) or slower moving attractions were things she could fortunately stomach. We were so very different! My brother and I wanted to try everything, though he also backed out when I wanted to try bungee jumping. Not that I was allowed to do it, but I thought about it.

Goliath, the fastest rollercoaster in Walibi Holland

Goliath, the fastest rollercoaster in Walibi Holland

The same happened today. My husband and I went to Walibi and decided to try out all the rollercoasters. Goliath, which reaches 104 km/h peak speed was most exciting, despite the lack of loops. The Condor, where you are in a hanging seat was most intense, and the Speed of Sound which also goes backwards was very enjoyable. Apart from the roller coasters and water attractions, however, my husband refused to join me for some other rides. He claimed he would be nauseous.
Admittedly, he is afraid of heights, though less than mom used to be, but enough for parts of the rollercoaster rides to be very scary. We don’t get into the same ride twice, also for that reason. But we enjoy the exhillarating rides together, and when we have kids, they won’t have to fight, because they won’t have to sit alone. We will enjoy the thrill of rollercoaster rides together, as a family.


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