Starting the new season

KannibalenToday was the first day of practice for the new season, with the competition starting in less than a month. Even though we’ve had summer training in the gym, nothing quite prepares you for the first real day of practice… I’m exhausted! The worst we had to do was probably carrying someone hanging on a korfball pole to the edge of the field and back again. Four times, because we had to make it twice (with two different people) within 3 minutes… and that’s tough. I was generally the person hanging on the pole, being carried as though I was captured by some cannibal tribe. Except I had to keep myself up, and that was more difficult than I expected. With the bouncing up and down whilst they were running, my arms and legs hit the pole repeatedly. I can now clearly feel I have a preferred arm and leg, as my right hurts way more than my left.

It feels good though, having done something. You’ve probably experienced that as well, after jogging, playing football or whatever you do. But it also leaves you very tired, hankering for bed… So that’s where I’m going now 😉


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