Your personal correspondences for spell-work

On YouTube I recently started to watch the videos of CharmingPixieFlora, mainly about paganism, and I was caught by this video.

Thinking back of my own limited experience with spells, I remember feeling so awkward following the instructions from a book, learning that spells involving love have to be done on Friday, preferably with the moon nearing full, lighting a pink or red candle whilst invoking these specific deities… And I didn’t know anything about it or felt that it was appropriate. Feeling that way, I don’t think any of my early spells worked. As Flora says, if you don’t believe what you do will work, why bother? If you can’t perform the spell wholeheartedly, it won’t work.

So basically, when you want to do spell-work or want to use some sort of symbolism, you have to find the symbols that resonate with you. Find out what you feel when looking at red, blue, yellow and the other colours. Thinking of earth, water, fire and wind, what symbols come in your head? Do you want to incorporate the chakra system in your workings, do you want to work with specific deities or pantheons etc. So many choices to make. Obviously, the correspondences with colours have been based on what people feel when seeing those colours, so chances are they are also quite similar to your personal correspondences. But find out what YOU want to work with, what YOU feel comfortable with and use only that 🙂


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