Lightning in the clouds

We’ve had very hot weather the past week, with temperatures over 30 degrees centigrade. Without exception, this kind of weather is followed by rain and lightning storms. We had the rain early in the evening, when the sky darkened and all the water the clouds held was released within minutes (or so it felt). The lightning surrounded us later, when it was already dark. That allowed me to film it (sorry if it’s very dark, I don’t yet know how to change that when filming with my smartphone). Though I’ve seen lightning before, I’d never seen lightning lighting up the clouds like this before, not live anyway. We were spellbound and we were not the only ones: I saw several distinct flashes not coming from lightning but from cameras, trying to capture the moment supreme. Hope you enjoy the sight of lighting in the clouds!


2 Responses to “Lightning in the clouds”

  1. Julia Vazquez Says:

    Amazing video, nature is so beautiful.

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