A brand new look

Sometimes it’s necessary to change the way you look. You take out the clothes, check what you haven’t worn in a long time and probably won’t, check which shirts have holes beyond repair in them and clean out your underwear drawer. And then, you can go shopping for some new things to complement your wardrobe. Another possibility is a complete make-over, when you are not happy with the way you look. You not only change your clothing, clear out your entire closet, but cut your hair and use make-up differently as well… that was how I felt about the blog.

I haven’t come out of the proverbial broom closet yet, but I’m as of now using my own name for my gravatar and have linked the blog to my Goodreads account. A step in the right direction. And in case you haven’t noticed: I gave the blog a make-over! A complete new look I’ve taken quite some time to find. In the coming weeks, I will update most of the posts so they fit the page, and as I discover more about how WordPress works (I have never put in the effort to learn it before), the blog will probably change some more.

So what will I use this blog for? Not much different than what I do now: write about the various things I experience. Mostly about paganism and healthy living, but every now and then I’ll keep rambling about more or less mundane things happening to me.

I do hope you can appreciate the changes I’m making and enjoy reading my blog in the future!


6 Responses to “A brand new look”

  1. lunardaughter Says:

    It can be so wonderful to bring a fresh face and new energy to your on-line place of residence. Consider this a virtual housewarming bouquet of celebration.

  2. dhowell9000 Says:

    I cant wait to read more! you have quite a Knack for Writing! I have on occasion changed my whole persona, as you grow older, it seems as if all your senses change, there are things I like now that I never would have guessed….Keep up the great “Blog”!

    • 91juditho Says:

      Thank you! People really change as they get older and develop, I think my 10-year-old self would laugh at some of the things I do now 😉

  3. Effy Wild Says:

    I love how fresh and clean and bright your blog is!

    • 91juditho Says:

      Thanks! That was what I aimed for, together with a touch of blue in the theme (my favourite colour, yay). I think it works, so I’m happy other people see that as well 🙂

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