A healthy BBQ

blogalong buttonFirst of all: I have committed myself to posting every day in August. This is more than I have accomplished in the past year, but I want to start again, and the blogalong with Effy might just provide me with a new start and a way to find out what I really want to write about.

Healthy living is a big issue nowadays, with obesity rates increasing in both adults and children. With the temperature approaching 37 degrees centigrade and not a cloud in the sky, many people in the Netherlands have chosen today or the weekend for an easy outdoor barbecue. My uncle, who is a butcher, and my cousin recently went to visit family in Canada and rejoiced in a typical Canadian barbecue with half a cow on the roster. Meat, meat, and some more meat. In the past, most barbecues were hosted for carnivores such as my uncle. Meat lovers, and since men traditionally tend to the barbecue, meat was all we got.

Luckily this is changing. I like my piece of meat with every meal, but one piece is quite enough as I enjoy my veggies as well. Though not everyone realizes it yet, a barbecue is also perfect for all sorts of vegetables and even fruits, making it much healthier compared to a traditional BBQ. Read on for a few suggestions for a real, healthier summer barbecue.

  • Instead of stuffing yourself with baguette and garlic butter while you wait for the meat, try  a lighter bread with tzatziki or even better, make a salad to start off with.
  • Do you always have big chunks of meat over the fire? If you put smaller pieces on skewers it’s easier to cook and you can add vegetables between the meat. I particularly like a beef skewer with paprika in different colours.
  • Courgette, eggplant, corn, paprika, just a few of the veggies you can easily grill on the barbecue. If you want smaller veggies, wrap it up in some tin foil with a few herbs and spices and put it on the barbecue indirectly for 10-15 minutes.
  • You can use the BBQ for lovely fruity deserts. Make fruit kebabs with mango or strawberries to put on the grill, have slices of pineapple you heat a bit to bring out the sweetness even more or put half a peach on the grill and drizzle with honey once it’s on your plate. Possibilities are endless!
  • Finally: pay attention to the sauces you serve. Peanut sauce and mayonnaise pack a lot of calories (even though they taste very good). Go with red sauces such as ketchup and sweet chili sauce or try yogurt-based sauces. These can add a lot of flavour as well. Though you might need less if you marinate the meat to add taste 😉

Though I hope it will cool down a bit, the weather will stay good for a BBQ for quite some time. Enjoy!


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