A year of blogging

I just got a notification congratulating me with my first year at WordPress. I didn’t realize it has been a year already, so I was quite surprised. During this year I have made 38 posts, 39 if you include this… not really the number I was aiming at. When I started this blog, I had very high expectations of my discipline, planning to post almost every day, having standard topics on certain days, as I’ve seen on other blogs and mainly be way more active. But that was way too much. 

I am a perfectionist, and when I make a post, I want it to be complete. I want to know about what I write and I want the post to include almost everything there possibly is to know about a subject. Especially if it is a more esoteric topic. More recently, I realized that is not why I started this blog. I want to tell about my life and my experiences, wanting to share things I think others may relate to. Not just about pagan living, because honestly I don’t do very much with the beliefs I hold, but about everything I encounter.

With the first year of blogging concluded, though I haven’t posted much, I’ve learned what I want with this blog, and I hope to show it in the future. Let’s see if I can make the two years of blogging!


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