My walking challenge

Do you ever take a walk outside? My husband and I rarely do. We have a four-day walking event our club organizes where we walk 5 kilometers four evening in a row… but that’s about it. During the previous week, THE four-day in Holland took place for the 97th time. Almost 50,000 people, not only from the Netherlands but also from America, Sweden and many other countries, take part in one of the biggest walking events in Europe.

30, 40 or 50 kilometers a day, starting between 4 and 7 am. Four days in a row. About 900 people drop out every day. They haven’t trained for it, they have blisters or sprained ankles or they can’t cope with the heat. Mentally or physically, they weren’t prepared for the challenge the four-day poses.

I’m very proud of my sisters-in-law and my father-in-law, because they completed the four-day! And I have to admit: I envy them. They have had a week they’ll never forget, and completed quite a physical challenge. So, you won’t be surprised that my husband and I have decided we want to enter too. The four-day of 2013 has ended, but for us, the four-day of 2014 has already begun!

We have started our training yesterday with a 15 kilometer walk through the forest. It was a green route starting and ending at the same train-station, an initiative of a single man who creates about 2 routes every week. If you are in the Netherlands, try one (route description in Dutch), because the routes are very enjoyable! Ours took us through three different forests and a lovely heathland. The heather wasn’t flowering yet, but I could imagine it turning completely purple in a few weeks. And the smell of the forest! That mossy, pine tree smell that’s actually difficult to define. The mosaic of light and shadow as a result of sunlight through the trees is quite magical… I felt in place.

My challenge in training for the 2014 four-day: take walks through nature every week. Be it for pure enjoyment, to gather fruits and herbs or to walk as fast as possible, I’m sure I can do this and add another dimension to my training.

Hulshorsterzand Hendriksbos Middelhart Westeindse Heide



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