As I child I loved to read. I would sit in a corner with a book, and nobody could disturb me, as I was completely into the book. My mom had that as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to read books lately. All I can do is read the articles I’m supposed to read for my courses at the university, and that’s about it.

The day before yesterday I received the e-reader I had ordered. Though I love books in paper format, I disliked having to print all my articles, since there are so many. Reading  them with an e-reader is quite the same. Eventually, I will save money AND it’s better for the environment as I don’t have to print that much. An additional bonus with my e-reader: some books were already on there! So now I’m reading Alice in Wonderland, I might go on reading Jules Verne or Jane Austen… It’s great!

A great advantage of an e-reader is that you can have so many books with you… all just in a small, light weight object. I think it weighs less than an actual book. It doesn’t read too bad either, you can still snug up in a corner and let nothing disturb you as you are reading!

I’m a bit preoccupied with school right now, but when I have time again, I will look for some pagan e-books as well 🙂


2 Responses to “E-reader”

  1. The Varied God Says:

    For a long time, people who made e-readers thought they would catch on first in the academic market, for the very reasons you describe. It was a surprise when Amazon introduced the Kindle and changed the model to popular reading.

    • dutchwitch Says:

      Not a strange thought, because in the academic world, you do have to read a lot of articles. At least it works for me!
      I don’t know whether e-readers are very popular yet for reading regular books. Not all books are available as e-book yet, though more and more authors decide to publish as e-book as well. In addition it is different than holding a paper book in your hand. I wouldn’t only want e-books. Some books are just better in print (an they look so nice on a bookshelf).

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