What a foot might tell you

During our lunch break, most nurses were sitting in the sun or shadow with bare feet or with slippers or sandals. Great of course, because it meant it was warm here! One of my colleagues all of a sudden blurted out: “You are stubborn, aren’t you?” (directed at one of those fortunate co-workers wearing open shoes). When the co-worker in question agreed she happily said: “I thought so, I saw that your toe is longer than the big one”.

Obviously that was when I became interesting. My colleagues were discussing their feet and the meaning a particularly crooked toe might have (to which she didn’t know the answer). And I began thinking. Palm reading or hand reading I had heard of before. Though I have never done a palm reading, I imagine that you look at the position of the fingers and hills on the hand and of course the traditional hand lines.

Apparently, with foot reading, you primarily look at the toes and shape of the foot, not the lines. It originally came from China as complementary to reflexology. In reflexology different parts of the feet are associated with parts of the body. If your toes are stiff and difficult to move, it might be that you also have neck problems and you are probably unbendable. Massaging the feet can be healing, because you stimulate all body parts. But that’s not all you can see from feet. You can also get an indication of someone’s character.

Using Google I came on this great website stating in short a few correspondences of feet, in a nice story. Here is another one from Serena. I used especially the first one to try and figure out what my feet say about me.

My feetLooking at my feet, something becomes very clear: my toes are NOT on a straight line (running from big toe to little toe). Especially my fourth toe sticks out, it appears to be even longer than my third toe! Or perhaps my little toe is just very little.

That long and particularly straight fourth toe (I sometimes think I might be missing a joint) apparently stands for the central place family takes and the high importance I place in relationships. How true is that! I really want to start a family, and live happily together. In addition I’m quite close with my family, we stick together. All my cousins still come to each other’s birthdays, and we’re all adults now. Last year we celebrated Christmas all together, everybody brought something to eat and we all had presents, it was great! We also had a cousin-day I organized at our grandmother’s house, even my little brother (who doesn’t go to birthdays most of the time) was there and had a great time. So yes, family is very important to me, though I don’t need to see them every week to know it’s still ok.

My third toe is also a bit longer than you would expect, which means I’m a perfectionist… Guilty as charged. Sometimes I’d rather do things on my own, because then I’m assured it will be good. I have quite wide feet, which makes it hard to find fitting shoes. It does mean I’ve got ‘solid worker feet’ or in other words I like to have something on my hands. True again, I love working at the nursery house, partly because it keeps me busy all day. My final real distinct characteristic (which you can’t see in the picture) is that I have low arches, I have inserts to correct it. According to theory, I value company (true), am sociable (true, I think, you can’t really judge that yourself šŸ˜‰ ) and am fairly extrovert (definitely not true).

In short my feet tell me that I am a perfectionist in whose life family takes a central space. I like to work, but I enjoy company of others too, though I’m not very outgoing.

Now I’m curious: how do your feet compare with your personality? To you, is there any truth in these theories?


2 Responses to “What a foot might tell you”

  1. RJ Says:

    your toes are REALLY cute šŸ˜‰

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