The joy of a rainstorm


Rain (Photo credit: tchandok)

Have you experienced this before? It’s warm and sticky outside and the earth simply screams for a rainstorm to cool everything and clear the air. Especially in summer I can long for a storm after a few great, warm days. Today was such a day. You couldn’t go outside without beginning to sweat instantly. The air was moist and almost difficult to breathe in. But not any more.

The wind got stronger, rushing through the trees and hurling leaves up into the air. The sky was grey and darkened even more and a few seconds later bucketfuls of water came pouring down. The sound of streaming water, of drops ticking on the roof, of trees rustling. I went outside and stood on my balcony, enjoying the sight and the sound and the fresh feel of the rainstorm. Nature is so powerful!
After only 10 minutes it stopped raining, but the pressure outside had gone and the air was clear. I felt great and somehow cleansed by the smell and sound and sight of the storm.

The joy of a rainstorm… have you experienced it?


3 Responses to “The joy of a rainstorm”

  1. Neferet Says:

    I love storms, especially when there is lightning. So beautiful! Also, congratulations. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award because of your awesome blog. 🙂

  2. ladyfaun Says:

    Love the elements and storms 🙂

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