Guided Earth Meditation

When I was a kid I used to camp outdoors with my parents and my brother. As things go at that age (8 maybe 9 years old), we made friends easily and knew our way around in a couple of days. One of the thing I used to do quite frequently, was telling my friend a tale and walking around them while doing so, as she was lying on her back with her eyes closed. When she opened her eyes, she felt all calm again. It wasn’t until I started investigating the various methods of meditation that I realized I was providing a guided meditation! I wrote it down when I realized that, but forgot about it again. This afternoon, looking through papers, I found it again and I’d like to share it with you!

It’s a lovely day. The sun is shining brightly, not a cloud on the sky. You are lying on the grass is a field, all by yourself, nobody around. You’re not doing much and nothing much is happening either. Until, all of a sudden, you feel the earth open up underneath you. You tumble down into the darkness and can only watch the earth close itself above you. You are paralysed with fright. Then you suddenly hear footsteps above your head. You try to move, but you can’t, you try to scream, but you can’t make a sound…
The sound of footsteps has gone. You’re almost desperate now. But then you see a flash of daylight above you. The sun, finally! You feel how the earth pushes you up
. A few seconds later you’re back on the grass and feel the earth closing underneath you. You can feel the sun on your skin again, the grass tickling your bare feet. You’re relaxed, calm and peaceful. Once you feel that, you wake up.


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  1. Guided Mabon meditation | Journey of a Dutch Witch Says:

    […] Meditation is a wonderful technique, not only to relax, but also in magical working. For me personally, at this moment, I’ve only worked with visualization. Making pictures in your mind and focusing on them is a very powerful tool and actually one most people already learn to employ naturally during childhood. Many games involve imagination and visualization, and children are very good at it. I used to play a game where someone else would lie on the ground with their eyes closed and I’d tell a story and at the end of the story they were allowed to open their eyes again… it took me years to realize I was actually doing a guided meditation. […]

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