Properties of Chai tea (my favourite)

My tea collectionI have looked at this video a few days ago, so when I was feeling like tea tonight, I remembered it! So I looked at all the different types of tea I have and considered a few. Because I was feeling cold, I decided on Smooth Chai, which is rooibos with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom. All warming spices, which is great. But they have some magical correspondences too!

Cardamom: Lust and love
Cinnamon: Protection, spirituality, succes, healing, power, love and lust
Cloves: Protection and love
Ginger: Money, success, power and love
Rooibos: Inner peace and dream work

Hmmm… almost a love potion. Most ingredients are considered to be aphrodisiacs. Never thought of that! I just drink it because it warmes me… 🙂

In addition to these magical correspondences and uses, these spices have some medicinal properties as well. I drink rooibos tea quite often, more often than regular black tea. Rooibos lacks the caffeine of the regular tea, so you won’t start jumping around (I don’t actually know how much caffeine is in regular tea). Since I don’t drink coffee or coke either, my intake of caffeine is very limited. Cardamom is used medicinally to relieve intestinal cramps. Cloves can serve as painkillers by providing anaesthesia, which is why early dentists let their patients chew on it. Similar to cardamom, both cloves and ginger can aid digestion.  Of course, because of their warming properties, these spices can also be used against colds. More of a winter drink, but great still if you’re feeling cold or your nose is running.

So now I know exactly what I’m drinking with Chai tea, and I’m not disappointed! Do you know what properties your favourite tea has?



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